Instant & Private Transportation Analytics For Your City


iSensing Advantages

World Class

The iSensing platform adheres to privacy regulation around the world

Highest  Data 

iSensing’s algorithms, data models and validation techniques achieve sample rates up to 94%


iSensing empowers planners by quickly providing access to quality analytics without the need for expensive consultants or lengthy procurement exercises.

Survey  as a 

The iSensing platform provides planners with surveys-as-a-service

Problem Solving With iSensing

Designing new traffic plans for the 21st century city are demanding.  The answer you seek is the one that takes advantage of existing traffic patterns so you swim downstream without having to drastically change citizen behaviour.  That requires knowing how routes are currently used by the various forms of transport (bicycles, pedestrians, ride share vehicles, scooters, etc.).

iSensing’s Smart City solution provides you with the ability to compile surveys throughout the city in real-time, informing your most important decisions.

Cities are growing and are putting a strain on existing transport systems.  Understanding which transport hubs and thoroughfares require immediate attention is a decision best made with data analytics.

The iSensing City Growth solution gives you the ability to conduct surveys at every transportation stop.

New infrastructure decisions are not made lightly given the investment required.  iSensing can provide you with the data analytics you require to identify the projects that will make the largest impact for the investment involved.

Monitoring Your City


Managing people flow, optimising space, commercialising retail space, understanding advertising opportunities,  improving customer experience, health & security risk assessments. 


Planning commuter and tourist lanes, understanding economic benefits and infrastructure ROI, understanding and increasing cycling capacity, meeting your city environment goals. 


Counting rideshare vehicles, studying the impact of rideshare schemes on roads, parking, journeys, and public transportation.


Planning better use and commercialisation of spaces by monitoring origin/destination information, journey time statistics, footfall duration, returning visitors.

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