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Breakdown movement. Sense flow

Smart Cities
• Downtown management
• Parks, recreation zones planning and management
• Justification or improvement of investments in beautification projects
• Circulation, dwelling and queuing spaces management
• Check-in and security line management
Road traffic
• Traffic flow management and performance enhancing
• Emissions controlling
• Parking space management
Culture & events
• Capacity planning improvement
• Impact of large-scale events measurement
• People flow management

What is iSensing

Intelligent mobility analytics solution
Interconnected sensors gather full-spectrum movement data & bespoke dashboard visualises data in the most logic and meaningful way
Cutting-edge technology
iSensing was born as part of multi-year research of our in-house lab & is the most versatile IoT technology for the day to sense & analyze pedestrians and vehicles traffic
Indoors & outdoors deployment
iSensing edged to provide the most comprehensive movement data both indoors and outdoors
The most accurate real-time data
iSensing solution excludes double counting and delivers the most accurate real-time data

Case studies

Transnational LSU project
Belo Horizonte Trans
Chamberí district City of Madrid


Full spectrum data
Historical data, real-time movements, trends, patterns to take deliberate decision
World-class privacy protection standards
iSensing operates under a strict Data Protection Policy which enables legally & ethically collect & process movement data
Rapid deployment & scalability
Flexible installation of multipurpose iSensing solution
Bespoke service
Bespoke service enables iSensing to be custom-designed for each unique use-case