Active Travel Insights News: Designing & Planning our IoT Networks

iSensing is one of the founding members of the Active Travel Insights consortium which is deploying sensors in 4 European cities to provide analytics on cyclists’ movements.

Each city wants to reduce traffic and emissions by using analytics to promote non-motorised forms of transport. Active Travel Insights works with different types of sensors to deliver the most accurate data including; Wi-Fi sensors, environmental sensors and video sensors. Overall, more than 40 sensors are already deployed or ready to be deployed in cities.

To provide cities with useful analytics it is crucial to carefully plan sensor locations. At Active Travel Insights every location has a detailed plan and design. Everything counts here: technical requirements for installation and maintenance, distances, people’s flow, cyclist roads presence, optimum number of sensors, types of sensors and data collection. Active Travel Insights use spatial technology solutions to produce an online 360 degrees simulation. In collaboration with each city we consider requirements, key city points and sensors location to enrich City decision making with our brand-new data set and analytics suite.