Bespoke solution

iSensing. Breakdown movement. Sense flow.

iSensing is the intelligent mobility analytics platform. It was born as part of the multi-year research of our in-house design lab & is the most versatile technology for the day to sense & analyze pedestrians and vehicles traffic.

iSensing can be applied in diverse spheres to track pedestrians and vehicles movement. However, iSensing is not unified solution for all sectors. We believe that each use-case is unique with only one point in common – getting the most accurate and comprehensive data to make deliberate decisions.
Based on these insights we designed Internet of Things solution, edged to provide the highest level of movement data accuracy and complemented with bespoke service to get meaningful data for each unique use-case.

Internet of Things platform consists of interconnected sensors catching constant signals sent by mobile devices & full-featured visualisation dashboard to decode motion data into clear and comprehensive traffic picture.

  • Single counting. 
    Technology enables to avoid double-counting of mobile devices & at the same time allows to track movement trends or get amount of returned devices to the same area
  • Consistency in data gathering.
    iSensing does not require any app downloading or confirmation of data gathering from users. It senses signals each mobile device sends in “on” mode
  • One sensor – multiple ranges.
    From 2 to 60 m detection range upon hardware and software settings
  • De-randomisation.
    Ability to identify real Apple/Android devices behind anonymous mobile signals
  • Wise and defined portfolio of sensors to deploy into different environments within allocated cost
  • Historical & real-time data analysis
  • Highly customisable visualisation platform
  • Cloud and password-based dashboard accessible from different devices and geographical points
Full spectrum data
Historical data, real-time movements, trends, patterns to take deliberate decision
World-class privacy protection standards
iSensing operates under a strict Data Protection Policy which enables legally & ethically collect & process movement data
Rapid deployment & scalability
Flexible installation of multipurpose iSensing solution
Bespoke service
Bespoke service enables iSensing to be custom-designed for each unique use-case

Case studies