Culture & events

Culture & Events

visitors of British Museum in 2016
21 mln visitors a year spend queuing in Rome for top attractions
gardens & country parks annual attendance increase

Large scale events, amusement parks, natural and recreation areas aim at increasing ROI by providing excellent customer exeprience. However, making visitors queuing does not help to commercialise events and cultural places. Wise visitors flow design and management is the key to deliver the first classe customer experience. Measurement of investments and marketing campaings impact on large-scale events is another part of wise pubic spaces management.

iSensing provides full-spectrum data of your visitors and customers journey and enables well-argued design, planning and operations of public spaces.

Make your space a magnet and not an obstacle to civic & cultural life! 

Large-scale events, touristic places:

  • People flow management (championships, matches, concerts, festivals open air & on stadiums)
  • Measure the impact of large-scale events
  • Attract new businesses to events
  • Evaluate of the social media impact
  • Security, evacuation planning and management

Cultural places, museums, exhibitions:

  • Flow management
  • Queue & wait time management (entrances, ticket machines, cashier desk etc.)
  • Capacity planning and ROI improvement (increasing visitor service rates, capacities)
  • Security, evacuation planning and management
  • Providing the first class customer experience

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