Innovative IoT project to understand Manchester citizens behaviour

iSensing have launched a sensor network in Manchester to support the CityVerve project to improve services in the city. CityVerve brings together the brightest minds and pioneering uses of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to redefine ‘smart’ in the context of a living, working city.

The iSensing sensor network gathers anonymous data of how citizens move around the city, counting and accumulating footfall, duration of stay and providing movement analytics. All of this visualised in a dashboard and connected to the CityVerve hub.

Harvey, iSensing Director and Project Lead: “We are really thrilled to use IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning together to help Manchester become a Smarter City. We just have started but we know that this project has the potential to improve Manchester for its citizens”.

Public and Private Sector organisations can use these data to get insightful trends and improve quality of services, justify investments in new services, facilities, improve marketing activities and many more.  

Look at some data gathered from Thursday 10th, isn’t it fascinating to feel the rythm of the Manchester city day by day, hour by hour?