A Unique
Partnership Proposition 


The iSensing IoT sensor platform  helps organisations to add value to existing contracts and win new businesses.

Transport Services
Urban Services
Local Government Services
Smart Cities & Mobility Organisations

A partnership with iSensing helps your business easily add world class, low cost IoT solution to your portfolio!

Your exclusive partnership pack


  • Hardware Sensors
  • Visualisation dashboard
  • API


  • No time restriction
  • No minimum commitments
  • No upfront payments


  • Tech (installation, warranty, no maintenance costs)
  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • Global networking

Exclusive access to Global Sensor Network


Access to the exclusive network of Local and National authorities, policy makers and influencers all over the world


GSN will give exclusive access to Traffic  Data which anyone inside Network can use: Local Governments and bodies, Transport and Tourism authorities, City planners and Urban Designers.

Partner benefits

We are an award winning tech company with a wealth of experience and expertise in Smart Cities strategies building, cutting-edge IoT technology development.

iSensing will help to jump-start your data consultancy and services business by maximising effectiveness and quality of data vislualisation, reducing expenditure costs and helping to scale your company!

The cost-effective solution that reduces your expenditure on traffic and pedestrian flow consultancy and analytics
Reliable solution that adds value to your business and services.
Highly scalable solution that helps you to win in the Smart City market.


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Harvey Beilinsohn

Global Partnership Director

Harvey is the iSensing Global Partnership Director and manages the development of the sensor product, which is deployed in locations across the globe. Harvey will ask all possible questions you might have about Exclusive Regional Partnerhip.

Drop him a line or contact via social media!