Manchester Airport


Manchester, UK


Passenger throughput measurement; dwellig time between airport and train station


Tracsis PLC



The journey time between airport and train station calculating and analysis 

Manchester Airport commissioned Tracsis PLC to capture journey times between terminals 1 & 2 on the sky walkway between the two terminals. At one end of the walkway is Manchester Airport train station which is a busy terminal for passengers entering the airport at the other end is the T2 departure lounge. In the middle of the walkway is an entrance to the Radisson SAS hotel serving the airport. Tracsis order iSensing’s platform to collect data to work out journey times. The iSensing system was verified by manual camera counts by Tracsis. A sensor was installed at each end of the sky walkway (2 in total) to capture entry and exit onto the walkway. Each MAC address was anonymised and logged as soon as it was detected by each sensor. Raw data was produced for Tracsis at the end of the project and the difference between the times recorded was calculated to show journey times. The journey time was verified almost exactly by Tracsis own manual camera counts and sent to their customer to enable decision making.