Bus wait time reducing


Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Wait times management and reducing; Public Transport


Belo Horizonte – BHTrans



Optimisation of timetabling of bus services 

The transport authority conducted a customer survey that highlighted that their customers wanted to reduce wait times for buses (15 mins on some routes) which also let to feelings of being unsafe with senior citizens.

iSensing planned a network to capture citizens as they stand at bus stops to identify wait time and the bus route they were using. 8 Sensors were deployed, 4 in the main bus station and 4 at key transference stations along the main bus routes. The location of the sensors were collaboratively chosen to capture large cohorts of citizens to enable wide ranging service improvements. The data was delivered into the iSensing dashboard and a bespoke movement analytics dashboard was developed to visualise movement around the cities key bus routes. The data is used to optimise timetabling of bus services.

The network is being expanded to 10 sensors in 2018 and a further 30 sensors are planned for the remaining key bus stops in 2019.


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