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Traffic & congestion management; excessive journey delays controlling


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Travel behavior management, congestion and the excessive journey delays controlling

iSensing helped to approach and solve the issue of overcrowding on buses and long wait times at bus stops, the two greatest issues impacting people’s daily commute.

The scope suggests wide intentions to e.g. influence travel behavior, tackle congestion and address the excessive journey delays. Therefore, a sensor network across an indicative study area was deployed in order to capture real-time data including:

  • Pedestrian (and vehicle) movement and dwell-time including origin/ destination, traffic flow, demand and congestion data
  • Air quality data
  • Noise levels data

Watch the video of iSensing and Future Cities Catapult (London) showcasing the use of our IoT solution at Global City Network. Smart Commuting edition event in London, November 2017. (More about the event here).

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