Promoting Cycling with Big Data


iSensing is one of the founder members of the Active Travel Insights consortium. This consortium provides a detailed understanding of cyclist movements across four European cities: Manchester (UK), Antwerp (Belgium), Helsinki (Finland), Eindhoven (Holland).

A consortium of the three high-tech companies (iSensing, Vivacity and Tracsis) together with the city’s councils are running the large-scale pilot to help cities to develop long-term reductions in traffic related emissions by promoting cycling and non-motorised vehicles.

One would think that there is nothing easier than to develop a strategy promoting the idea of the use of traditional vehicles such as the bicycle as they require little specialist infrastructure. However, to encourage more none motorised transport in cities new bicycle infrastructure must be built to encourage safety and user experience. Cities need to know that their investments in bicycle infrastructure are being put to good use and the Active Travel insight project aims at using big data to do just that. With big data comes planning, creating data models and most importantly creating analytics privacy is key concern. The consortium has been working with all four cities to local at location, regional and national privacy regulations and making sure our system is compliant.

Active Travel Insights will integrate open, big, real-time data feeds from three types of sensors (Wi-Fi sensors, environmental sensors, video cameras) with open air quality data provided by the partner cities, and deep analysis of transport and traffic, pedestrians and energy infrastructures.