Valuing Advertising Assets in the United Kingdom

iSensing and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) launched a proof of concept project to provide anonymised behaviour analytics on outdoor advertising assets.

The analytics dashboard, designed as part of the pilot, aims to test the scheme and how to help TfGM and its partners trend pedestrian flows, ascertain peak and off-peak times, places of origins and destination, get historic and real time analytics, estimate engagement rate, and apply proximity marketing features to build sophisticated and personalised customer experiences.

The Platform consists of WiFi sensors installed across key areas of Manchester. These sensors gather anonymous data on pedestrian movement trends and a dashboard to visualise the data. A group of researchers from the Universities of Cagliari and Liverpool John Moores created visualisation techniques to transform collected data into Social Media-like charts, graphs, and marketing reporting tools.

While, the internet has created opportunities for online advertisers, especially those operating in Social Media platforms, to understand their target audience’s behavior, physical advertising services have started to catch-up in this area only recently. One of the leading transport companies in North West of England Transport for Greater Manchester provides outdoor advertising service on their bus or tram stops, train stations. The challenge TfGM is facing today is effective transition toward data-driven decision making for their advertising services.