The Power of Data Visualisation

Take a look at this graph. Can you quickly tell me the difference between the amount of mobile interactions in March 2015 and May 2015?

Was that hard? Well, that’s not your fault.

Now look at this and try answer the same question – can you do it?

Easier right? That is the power of data visualisation.

Data visualisations is the presentation of  data in an uncomplicated way. It allows us all to absorb huge amounts of complex data easily by simplifying visuals and making patterns and trends become unapologetically obvious.

Six Benefits of Data Visualisation

1) We can absorb information quicker.

Because of how our human brain works, we understand and retain information quicker through images. Data visuals are the gateway to this – by turning numbers and letters into images, we can quickly interpret complex data.

2) They answer questions.

Data provides you with validated analytical answers. Data visualisation could quickly show you multiple answers to a variety of questions. Even the ones you don’t think of – how handy is that?

3) Unveils unexpected data insights.

Data visualisations can surprise you, providing new insights and answers that you might not have been looking for. An example of this would be an outlier exposing itself from the visual.

4) Sharing is caring.

It makes data more accessible for everyone. Data visualisations can be easily shared among your teams.  These could be via printouts, website links, etc.

5) Validated decision making.

Data visualisations allow you to make data-validated conclusions, helping you make correct decisions.

6) They are your friend – they are friendly, honest & helpful.

Data visualisations are made to be user-friendly. By adding interactive features to data visuals, you can present a greater amount of data that can be understood more easily – helping you achieve goals in your business!

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