Road taffic

Road traffic

passenger journeys on local bus services in the UK per year
of economic returns from every $1 invested in public transportation in USA
buses use less energy per passenger mile than a typical automobile

Mobility and congestion are not the only challenges for road traffic. In the century of fast speed,  moving smarter means moving ecologically, safely, cheaper, avoiding traffic jams, without any road obstructions, planning journey in advance and with highest level of capitalisation and ROI . Moreover, public & private transport should serve needs of pedestrians, passengers, drivers, emergency vehicles and many others participants of the road traffic.

Building smart road mobility infrastructure when so many variables are interconnected & interdependent is the puzzle to solve. Old-fashioned & manual technologies are not reliable any more to address these challenges.

iSensing is the full-featured mobility analytics solution edged to provide the most accurate and comprehensive data of road traffic & pedestrian movements. It is the most versatile solution to get full-spectrum road traffic data. iSesning helps to extract necessary insights and design road traffic in the most efficient way.

Enhance performance and frequency of public transport:

  • Traffic flow harmonisation & design
  • Casualty reduction & incident detection
  • Parking space management
  • Emergency and VIP vehicles journeys improvement
  • Transit and public transport stop delays management

Demand management:

  • Reducing absolute traffic numbers
  • Shifting private car journeys to public transport
  • Reducing congestion
  • Improving the city accessibility
  • Avoiding unnecessary circulating traffic
  • Commercialization of public transport route
  • Commercialization of new lines directions

Green lines and emission zones planing:

  • Planing & management of green waves
  • Harmonisation of the traffic flow at pollution hot-spots
  • Reducing energy consumption / emissions
  • Reducing the stop-and-go-cycles of transport

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